KakaoTalk: Connect Better Across the Globe

KakaoTalk: Connect Better
KakaoTalk: Connect Better. Image from the KakaoTalk FB Page.

From Korea to the world, KakaoTalk is now a major messenger app in the international market. Currently, KakaoTalk has more than 158 million registered members from 196 countries.

In his speech about the evolving digital era the social media networks, US President Barack Obama mentioned KakaoTalk. In 2011, CNET chose KakaoTalk as the Number 1 Free SMS App. It also won the Red Gerring Asia Top 100 Award in 2012 and is nominated as a finalist for the Global Mobile Awards in 2014 for the Most Innovative App Category. The World Economic Forum has named KakaoTalk as a Technology Pioneer.

The KakaoTalk App is available in iOS, Android, and Windows OS. And it is offered in 15 different languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, and Arabic.

KakaoTalk, however, is not just a messaging app. It is also a social platform that has digital content, a platform for marketing and commerce, and games.
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People Magazine on your iPad

People Magazine on iPad
People Magazine on iPad

Time Inc. is giving you your fill of People Magazine on your iPad. The People Magazine App allows you to buy each week’s digital issue via iTunes. And you can read and store it on your iPad.

If you are already a People Magazine print subscriber, you get to download the digital issues for free. Double the delight. 😉
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Sony Ericsson’s Smallest Android Smartphones

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During a press launch held last August 10, Sony Ericsson has launched two new handsets from their Xperia line. The Xperia X10 mini and the X10 mini pro are the world’s smallest Android smartphones.

The X10 mini is only 3.2 by 1.9 by .63 inches, while the X10 mini pro is 3.5 by 2.05 by .67 inches with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Both are about as big as a standard credit card.

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Handy Shopping Through Amazon

Amazon the site, not the jungle, is now handy through your Android phone. Thee Amazon Android App is basically a version of their website that has some extra features.

It allows you to browse through more than 40 categories from Amazon.com and other merchants. You may also access your account, your cart, your wishlist, payment and shipping settings, and your order history.

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