Apple TV+ Announced

One of those nights when I slept early totally unaware that Apple is preparing to announce something exciting. Just a few hours ago, the Apple TV+ was announced to launch this Fall 2019.

First things first, I am a total couch potato and movie lover. So this excites me to no end. But also makes me anxious.

Check out this opening billboard to today’s event:

Who would not be excited, right? I am. People say Apple has nothing new to offer.

Apple TV+ Teaser

Well, it might not be exactly new but it is definitely exciting. Apple TV+ is an online streaming service. That is definitely not a new thing. The exciting part is that they promise to feature all new and original movies and shows created just for the platform.

The blurb on the TV+ Page shares:

Introducing Apple TV+, a new streaming service where the most creative minds in TV and film tell the kinds of stories only they can. Featuring original shows and movies across every genre, Apple TV+ is coming this fall. Exclusively on the Apple TV app.

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And when they say “the most creative minds in TV and film,” they are not playing around. They have enlisted the best of the best, all the stars in the movie and tv industry to convince us to download and subscribe to it.

That preview needs to be watched multiple times. Who else is excited?

As mentioned, it also makes me anxious because this TV+ lineup looks like it is going to take a lot of my screentime. I already have a long watch list on Netflix as it is. And how much would this streaming service cost me? Hope not too much. Not more than PhP300, please. But I doubt it. To be honest.

Apple TV App

The initial announcement states that the TV+ streaming service will be available via the Apple TV app. So I do not know what that means for us who have not used the TV app yet. I checked and it is not yet listed in the App Store in the Philippines.

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