One of the micro-blogging / social media sites that I frequent is PicLyf. Piclyf allows its users to post photos and put those photos into context with captions, and speech or thought bubbles.

What is PicLyf? from Eric PicLyf on Vimeo.

With the user’s permission, PicLyf automatically cross-posts these photos to the user’s Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Flickr, and other social networking accounts. The images may also be embedded in blogs, forums, and other sites. This makes micro-blogging for individuals and businesses easier and less of a hassle. It also makes photoblogging easy and fun.

With the follow system, PicLyf allows followers to like, favorite, and comment on a user’s photo, making it an interactive photo sharing site. Users are awarded badges for various types of PicLyf activities. And users and businesses can partner with PicLyf for online promos, contests, and campaigns.

In the works are PicLyf applications for the Android OS, Mac OS, Blackberry, and Nokia Phones.

The PicLyf Team is composed of Davao developers: Eric Su, Andrew dela Serna, and BJ Basañes.

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