Samsung Galaxy FOLD Specs

It’s here! The foldable device that we have been waiting for has been unfolded to the public. Check out the Samsung Galaxy Fold Specs, and other details about this new device experience from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Fold boasts of having the world’s first Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex Display, providing its users endless multitasking possibilities. Plus, it comes with Samsung’s most versatile camera.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold is a new foldable device. An entirely new mobile category. It is both a smartphone and a tablet all in one compact, sleek foldable design. It has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display allowing it to fold into a compact device with a cover display. Galaxy Fold gives new ways to multitask: watch videos, play games, browse, get productive… whatever you need to do for a productive day.

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Vivo V7 Launch Events in the Philippines featuring Celebrity Influencers

Vivo Philippines brought out their most popular celebrities to celebrate the launch of the much awaiting V7. And it was no easy feat completing 4 Vivo V7 launch events in 4 different malls around the country but they pulled it off successfully.

The Vivo V7 was unveiled at the Grand Launch at SM City Bacolod on November 18.

Boyband Ph at the Vivo V7 Launch at SM City Bacolod

The country’s hottest group, Boyband Ph graced the event. Joao Constancia, Niel Murillo, Tristan Ramirez, Russel Reyes, and Ford Valencia visited the City of Smiles to hype the crowd and deliver the great news of Vivo V7’s release in the Philippines.

Vivo V7 Launch Events

V7 was also launched in other events around the country. Each event featured a Vivo celebrity. In SM City Naga, Sassa Dagdag sang for the crowd.

Vivo V7 Launch
Sassa Dagdag at the Vivo V7 Launch at SM Naga

Meanwhile, teen heartthrob Paul Salas thrilled the crowd at Star Mall along Shaw Boulevard in Metro Manila.
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Vivo V7 Features and Specs

Vivo’s entry into the in demand selfie-centric smartphone market is here and it is awesome. Introducing the Vivo V7 equipped with a revolutionary 24MP front facing camera crafted to help you achieve the perfect selfie. Check out the Vivo V7 features and specs.

Vivo V7 Features and Specs
Vivo V7


V7 has a 24MP front camera that comes with Vivo’s exclusive Face Beauty algorithm. This combination results in crystal-clear photos with subtle and natural-looking facial enhancement. It has a Portrait Mode that gives you a clear foreground with that much wanted bokeh blurred background effect.

Vivo V7 also comes with a 16MP read camera. The camera captures photos with bright details and ultra-sharp clarity. It is powered with PDAF technology that results in super-fast focusing speed. Ultra HD Photos are now possible with the V7 capability to shoot multiple frames in quick succession. These are composed into a 64MP shot with unbelievable definition and details.

Vivo V7 Display

Vivo V7 Features and Specs
Vivo V7

Beautiful Vivo V7 has an All Screen Display that delivers a visual experience like no other. It offers a wide view but with the comfort of a 5.20inch screen.
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Lazada Online Revolution 2014

Lazada Online Revolution 2014
Lazada Online Revolution 2014

Online shopping is the most convenient way to check off everything in your holiday list. Lazada is the biggest online mall in Southeast Asia, boasting of large inventory for products in many categories inlcuding mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops.

In time for the holidays, will be having their biggest annual shopping event on December 12, 2014, the Lazada Online Revolution 2014. Starting at 12 midnight, there will be discounts, deals, and amazing offers from partner brands. These will all take place at
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Invest in an Enterprise Cloud

If your business deals with sensitive information about your client, financial records, credit card transactions, and other such information, you must make yourself, your business, and your clients secure with a Dedicated Enterprise Cloud.

A Dedicated Enterprise Cloud is a “private environment geared toward enterprises that process, manage and/or report sensitive customer, financial or intelligence information.”

Lessen the load on your business’ IT department and trust the experts in enterprise cloud. It will reduce your IT costs and increase your ROI especially if you entrust your business’ information with the best enterprise cloud servers.

And how, you ask, will you determine the best one for you? First off, make sure it’s a reputable one with countless of satisfied clients. More importantly, make sure that their services will be custom fit for your needs. It is, of course, advisable to get one that is fully dedicated to you. And make sure it’s designed for businesses.

It is also recommended that while a trusted company provides for your enterprise cloud, you must have control over.

You must also make sure that their services comply with international standards.

And being that you want to make sure your information is secure, your providers MUST GUARANTEE data recovery, when necessary. Hopefully, the need won’t present itself, but in case there’s need for it, data recovery must be possible, quick, and complete.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right enterprise cloud provider, but don’t let that overwhelm you. If you need to secure your information, then it’s worth the effort to find the best provider for you.

Managing Your Online Reputation

The internet is full of information. Whether these are true or false, accurate or not… doesn’t really matter to a lot of people. In the age of information, people, unfortunately, aren’t so keen on weeding out what is the verifiable truth to that which is purely a fabrication.

This is why online reputation management can be tough and tricky. Especially for those who don’t understand how the internet works.

The internet is a vast repository of texts, images, videos, audio clips, and whathaveyous that will make these information available to everybody for a long time. Forever might be too much of a word to use in this context, but yes… most, if not all of the information about you that is online will be there forever.

Imagine your future boss, business partner, investor, fiance, or even children having access to this information. If not now, maybe 5, 10, 20, 100 years from now. Scary thought, right?

What might seem like a fun or funny drunken moment can become a lifetime of embarrassment. What seems to be a minor lapse of judgment can create a pr disaster for you or your company.

Enter It is a comprehensive online reputation and privacy management company. It has a unique users dashboard which has a “search-and-destroy” function. This will considerable help you manage your personal information that is available on the internet. And yes, you can “destroy” those information that you don’t want the world to access.

Through AOL, you can avail of products such as MyPrivacy, MyReputationDiscovery,
ReputationDiscover, and the MyPrivacy Bundle.

So go ahead, face the information age with your chin up, unafraid of a wrong or mismanaged online reputation. But first, sign up for

Compatible Ink Cartridges

When it comes to printing, maintaining optimum quality of your printouts, pictures and documents can be costly – even on a small scale. If you were provided with your printer’s original cartridges when you purchased it, you may want to consider purchasing compatible ink cartridges as a replacement when they run out as a means of saving money.

Ink cartridges that are sold as ‘compatible’ are basically new cartridges that have been made by an ink retailer, rather than the manufacturer of your printer (for example HP, Epson, Dell or Brother). Often factory made and adhering to the ISO 9001 standards (International Organisation for Standardisation), compatible ink cartridges still produce the same quality of prints that a branded cartridge would. The advantage however is that retailers can distribute these at a lower prices and still profit, and you can buy them for a discount on what you would normally pay if you were to purchase directly from the major technology brands.


You are probably thinking about how the shape and size of compatible ink cartridges differ to the originals and how they will impact on the refilling and replacement of your empty cartridges inside the printer, but fitting these is as simple. The cartridges look exactly like the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges, and fit in the same way for most makes and models, just ensure you have this to hand when making your purchase.
The best way to find the cheapest printer inks is online. There are so many suppliers offering free delivery, online discounts and offers that you can take your pick and even buy in bulk for home or business printing. If you are a large organisation such as an office or school, look into setting up a repeat prescription, where your ink cartridges will be distributed to you before you have the chance to run them dry.

Next Gen AMOLED Display to be Unveiled by Samsung

Samung Next Generation AMOLED Displays
Samung Next Generation AMOLED Display

Samsung will be unveiling the next generation of AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) displays during CES 2011 next week.

AMOLED is the technology used in TVs and mobile devices. An AMOLED display includes of a matrix of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) pixels that generate light. The current flowing to each pixel is controlled by a thin film transistor (TFT) array that functions as a series of switches.
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