Managing Your Online Reputation

The internet is full of information. Whether these are true or false, accurate or not… doesn’t really matter to a lot of people. In the age of information, people, unfortunately, aren’t so keen on weeding out what is the verifiable truth to that which is purely a fabrication.

This is why online reputation management can be tough and tricky. Especially for those who don’t understand how the internet works.

The internet is a vast repository of texts, images, videos, audio clips, and whathaveyous that will make these information available to everybody for a long time. Forever might be too much of a word to use in this context, but yes… most, if not all of the information about you that is online will be there forever.

Imagine your future boss, business partner, investor, fiance, or even children having access to this information. If not now, maybe 5, 10, 20, 100 years from now. Scary thought, right?

What might seem like a fun or funny drunken moment can become a lifetime of embarrassment. What seems to be a minor lapse of judgment can create a pr disaster for you or your company.

Enter It is a comprehensive online reputation and privacy management company. It has a unique users dashboard which has a “search-and-destroy” function. This will considerable help you manage your personal information that is available on the internet. And yes, you can “destroy” those information that you don’t want the world to access.

Through AOL, you can avail of products such as MyPrivacy, MyReputationDiscovery,
ReputationDiscover, and the MyPrivacy Bundle.

So go ahead, face the information age with your chin up, unafraid of a wrong or mismanaged online reputation. But first, sign up for

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