Compatible Ink Cartridges

When it comes to printing, maintaining optimum quality of your printouts, pictures and documents can be costly – even on a small scale. If you were provided with your printer’s original cartridges when you purchased it, you may want to consider purchasing compatible ink cartridges as a replacement when they run out as a means of saving money.

Ink cartridges that are sold as ‘compatible’ are basically new cartridges that have been made by an ink retailer, rather than the manufacturer of your printer (for example HP, Epson, Dell or Brother). Often factory made and adhering to the ISO 9001 standards (International Organisation for Standardisation), compatible ink cartridges still produce the same quality of prints that a branded cartridge would. The advantage however is that retailers can distribute these at a lower prices and still profit, and you can buy them for a discount on what you would normally pay if you were to purchase directly from the major technology brands.


You are probably thinking about how the shape and size of compatible ink cartridges differ to the originals and how they will impact on the refilling and replacement of your empty cartridges inside the printer, but fitting these is as simple. The cartridges look exactly like the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges, and fit in the same way for most makes and models, just ensure you have this to hand when making your purchase.
The best way to find the cheapest printer inks is online. There are so many suppliers offering free delivery, online discounts and offers that you can take your pick and even buy in bulk for home or business printing. If you are a large organisation such as an office or school, look into setting up a repeat prescription, where your ink cartridges will be distributed to you before you have the chance to run them dry.

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