LAN Party Xtreme 2008

Another component of the Davao Cyber Expo 2008 this year is the LAN Party Xtreme, also organized by DC Warez. 27 participants, some coming from as far as Iligan and Marawi hauled their souped up, ultra pimped hardware to the NCCC Mall of Davao.Some of the stuff there cost PhP100,000 – P300,000. EXTREME INDEED! The


I have never had a hi-tech phone. I have three phones (all Nokia) but none of them have a camera or any such things. For quite some time I have been eyeing a PDA phone because I badly need one to juggle everything I do. Testing an N95 8GB is the next best thing to

Upcoming: N95 8GB Trial

See that beauty up there? That’s an N95 8gb phone. In a few weeks, a unit will arrive at my doorstep. Unfortunately, I won’t get to keep it for long. WOM World is sending it to me to try out for a couple of weeks only. But I’m excited already. Here are some of the

My üMobile

After weeks of hearing about the Manila launching, and after missing the Cebu launch, my üMobile SIM is now here. YEY! I was invited to the Cebu launch but uhmmm… couldn’t afford the fare, LOL! So I thought I wouldn’t get a SIM anymore. But last week, I got a call from üMobile’s courier asking

A Guide to Creating an Blog

So you want to have your own blog, but don’t really know how to make one? Here’s a tip for all you aspiring Pinoy bloggers out there, sign up with is the perfect blog host for bloggers who want to have a personalized domain but don’t have the moolah for it. Here’s a

Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Policy StatementThis is the web site of Maria A. Jose.Our postal address isCVA Building, CM Recto StreetDavao City 8000 We can be reached via e-mail at or you can reach us by telephone at 6382-2278131. For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes IP Address. We collect the e-mail

Google Page Rank

About once a month, bloggers go into a frenzy because of Google Page Rank (PR) updates. Some are happy that they have increased PR, while others complain that they have decreased. I, myself, have experienced the highs and lows of following my blogs PRs. But while I understand (A BIT) what it is, a lot

Microsoft Excel: Percentages and Absolute Reference Cells

Without further ado, here’s a video demo… The video aims to provide a tutorial for Microsoft Excel users on how to: Format a Column to display percentage values Encode formulas to contain Absolute Reference Cells I will explain more later. Was it clear? Vague? Confusing? Please don’t hesitate to give your comments and suggestions.