There’s a new trend online: FormSpring. It’s a way for people to ask other people questions. Any question. And if the account owner didn’t block you or didn’t change his settings, you can even ask anonymously. Hello there online stalkers! HAHA!

Cignal Digital TV

Cignal Digital TV is here. Well, it has been here since July 2009 but it has only been launched to members of the press and the New Media in Davao City just today. For affordable rates, Cignal provides a quality viewing experience that includes eight of the top channels in high definition.

A4Tech iChat Headset

I recently have been given a good reason to sign up for Skype. Having no expertise on computer/PC peripherals, I asked via Plurk for suggestions for a good quality, portable, but affordable headset I can use mainly for Skype-ing purposes. A lot of people suggested I buy an A4Tech headset. This is the brand that

Need A Light?

Ever wondered what that flashlight in your mobile phone is for? My blogger friends and I have discovered a new and very useful way of using it that will surely help a lot of bloggers. Aside from helping you find your way in a dark cinema, that flashlight can be used as lighting when taking