The New Asus U Series Bamboo Collection

An eco-friendly notebook? You bet! Drawing inspiration from their own motto of “Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection,” Asus continues to introduce products to the market that just makes us go “Why didn’t I think of that?”

With a commitment to going green, Asus has introduced the new U Series Bamboo Collection. First launched in 2008, the new U Series reasserts Asus’ commitment to the belief that “protecting nature is a joint effort that unites us all, but it does not have to exclude innovative design, memorable style and powerful computing potential.”

The new U Series has sport smoky brown bamboo exteriors. The natural bamboo exteriors made more beautiful with the contrasting with brushed aluminum interior surfaces and a seamless chiclet keyboard. A beautiful contrast of woody elegance and sleek metal. Because it uses bamboo, the Bamboo Collection notebooks is light.

Bamboo is not only beautiful and elegant, but more importantly, a durable but easily renewable resource. By using bamboo, the use of plastic for the notebooks are reduced by as much as 15%.

The Asus U Series Bamboo boasts of a Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) with a NVIDIA Optimus technology which function to conserve energy and extend battery life. With the Syncables technology, syncing with other devices is easy. Plus it features USB 3.0 ports.

Yes, there’s a lot of power in these eco-friendly notebooks from the U Series Bamboo Series of Asus.

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