Upcoming: WordPress 3

WordPress 3

Yes, yes, yes… this TechnoMaria hasn’t even updated this supposedly tech blog to the latest WordPress version. Then, again, I might decide to wait it out until WordPress 3 is finally released so I’d only have to do one upgrade. 🙂

Why wait out for WordPress 3? Because Mashable points out these 5 Most Important New Features of WordPress 3:

  1. Custom Post Types
  2. Menu Management
  3. Custom Taxonomies
  4. New Default Theme
  5. Multi-Site

The most exciting or practical features for me are the Custom Post Types and the Multi-Site Features which I can use for my own blogs and blogs and sites of my clients. I also like the idea of being able to select my own username upon installation.

How about you? Are you excited to try out WP3?

Oh, speaking of WordPress, WordCamp is coming to the Philippines once again. And Avatar Media is organizing this thing on October 2, 2010. Save the date. 😉

Image Source: Mashable

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