Cebu Blog Camp 2010 Speakers and Topics

Cebu Blog Camp
Cebu Blog Camp 2010

I am attending Cebu Blog Camp 2010. The event has a theme of “Blogging, Expressions, and Opportunities.”

The first speaker of the event is Mica Rodriguez, a blogger slash film maker from Dagupan. She will be talking about Blogging 101: Basics of Blogging. The talk is geared towards newbie bloggers and attendees who have yet to start their own blog. She will be focusing on the anatomy or parts of a blog post and what blogging platforms to use.

Google Country Consultant, Aileen Apolo – de Jesus will be discussing Blogging with Blogger and Adsense. She will tackle Blogger as a blogging platform, minor customizations one can do with his blog on Blogger, and how to install Adsense on Blogger.

Photoblogging and Video Blogging will be discussed by Cebuano blogger Evannjohn Mendoza. He will discuss the basics of photography and creating videos. Both topics will be aimed at how these can be used for blogging purposes. founder and book author Janette Toral will be tackling Food for the Blogs: Great sources of blog information and resources. She will discuss online resources for topics, information, themes, plug ins and other vital needs of bloggers. She will also give us ideas on where to find topic ideas and sources.

And I am one of the speakers, too. I will be speaking on the topic of “Blogging in the Community, for the Community.” My talk will probably be broken down into two parts: (1) building a community of bloggers, and (2) the community of bloggers within the context of a bigger community. I will be speaking as President of Davao Bloggers, with inputs from my experiences with Avatar Media and as a blogger.

Philippine Blog Awards’ Juned Sunido will be talking about Blog Ethics, the dos and don’ts of being a good blogger. This topic is very useful not just for newbie bloggers, but also for advanced bloggers with years of blogging experience.

Stop, Look and Read: How to make netizens notice your blog is Jayvee Fernandez‘s topic. As a pro-blogger, he will share his knowledge on marketing one’s blog, increasing online presence, and driving traffic to the blog. This is a topic of interest for bloggers who want to move out of just personal blogging and into niche blogging or blogging for profit.

Tonyo Cruz will be discussing Blogging and Citizens’ Journalism. He will focus on empowering citizens to use their blogs as a tool for journalism.

Hans Koch will be speaking on WP Install — An SEO Perspective. He will share techniques on boosting WordPress blogs to its maximum potential and on how to optimize WordPress blogs for SEO purposes. This is a topic that would interest a lot of intermediate bloggers.

Finally, Wilson Ng will talk about Blogging: Personal Branding. This topic will help participants get ideas on how to make their own blog stand out and how they can use their blog and convert it into their own brand.

Interesting topics, yes? And a credible panel of speakers, IMHO. Personally, I am very much looking forward to the talks of Jayvee, Juned, and Wilson.

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Jaypee Habaradas of

Cebu Blog Camp 2010 is an event organized by a group of Cebu Bloggers.

See you all! 😉

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