Basic Cybersecurity Tips

Stuck working at home? Or maybe you now have to contend with tutoring your kids in this “new normal” education set up? Make sure you, your assets, and your family are always protected. Sharing with you here some basic cybersecurity tips you might not be following yet.

Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips

Here are my top 3 basic tips to make sure you are protected from online scams, hackers, and other digital threats.

  • Keep your software updated.
  • Connect safely.
  • Think before you click.

Read on why it is always important to follow these 3 simple tips ALL THE TIME.

Update Often

Needless to say, keep your gadgets protected with firewalls and anti-virus software. But these become useless when you do not update these software and all the software in your gadgets.

When I say update, I mean update all operating systems, apps, and software in ALL YOUR GADGETS. Be it your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and even smart appliances.

This keeps your gadgets safe from security gaps in our your OS and software, and apps.

And yes, take the time to update and change your passwords often, as well.

Connect Safely

Sad to tell you this but connecting to your neighbor’s “password-less” WiFi connection could get your information stolen and leaked. This can also make your gadgets vulnerable to attacks.

Cybersecurity Tips

Same goes for connecting to free public WiFi that are not secure. It might be tedious or expensive to connect to paid or protected connections. But it is the safe and secure way to go online.

This one of the basic cybersecurity tips that not a lot of people know or follow. But they should. You should. Always.

Similarly, make sure that when you have your own WiFi or that when you use your gadgets as hotspots, you only allow trusted gadgets to connect.

THINK before you click

it might be a tired old cliche by now. But a lot of people still fall victim to phishing scams, fake news, and many other schemes just because they did not think before thinking. And sometimes, it takes just one mistake to make all your accounts vulnerable. So always, always, always think before your click. This should be a basic cybersecurity tip you should not forget.

Do not give out your passwords and PINs online. Not even to “customer service representatives.”

When an online offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So do not sign up for an offer or buy something online just because it is cheap. It might have hidden threats that will make your gadgets vulnerable. Or they might sell your information.

Same goes for buying “cheap” premium accounts for streaming services. These might be hacked or stolen accounts. So nope. Just no. As much as you do not want to be a victim, do not be a participant to a crime.

Do not visit dubious sites.

Read each and every line and examine ever word and letter. Before you take any surveys, answer any email, sign up for anything, or reply to any message, read carefully. Tedious and tiresome, yes. But better safe and sorry.


These three basic cybersecurity tips are just the easiest and first defense to make sure you, your digital assets, and your gadgets are safe and secure. Follow these three always. Make these your habits. And you are safer.

But never think that you are 100% safe from cybersecurity threats. Thinking “It won’t happen to me,” is dangerous and naive. Always be on guard.

This is even more important for parents who have underaged kids who are online for school or entertainment. Make sure to supervise all their online activities all the time. And teach them these basic cybersecurity tips, as well.

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