Samsung Concept Store Opens at GMall

Samsung has opened another concept store in Davao City. The Samsung Concept Store at GMall is dedicated to home entertainment systems and home appliances.

On display were giant Slim Fit and LCD television sets that made me green with envy. Don’t know a lot about home entertainment systems but the ones on display at the Samsung Concept Store were good enough for me to want one. The LCD sets were much more expensive than the Slim Fit ones though. (Don’t know the difference, really.) So I think I’ll aim to buy the Slim Fit tv set instead.

Another thing that caught my eyes were the odd-shaped MP3 players. Kinda nifty-looking, didn’t get the chance to try it though. They also had some cute-looking flash drives that I would maybe buy one of this days, if I need one.

The thing that really made me go wow was this…

For the record, I don’t like doing the laundry (or most other house chores for that matter)… but this washing machine was just sooo damn beautiful. It’s the Samsung WF-7652S8 6.5 kg Washing Machine. I looove the color, and it has an LCD display.
Plus it has the germ-fighting Nano Silver technology. Ok, whatever, I don’t really care. It’s just so pretty. Call me weird, but I was obsessing over this thing while I was in the store. 😛

For more home gadgets, geekery, and entertainment, visit the Samsung Concept Store at the 3rd floor of the the Gaisano Mall of Davao, JP Laurel Street, Davao City.

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