uMobile is now Red Mobile?

This morning, I received a call from a representative of Red Mobile. Red Mobile, from what I understand, is the new name of uMobile which has purchased by Smart Communications Inc.

uMobile created quite a buzz a few months back, with it’s free SIM, and P100 monthly free load. I was, in fact, one of its first subscribers, and thought that it had the potential to replace Sun Cellular as everybody’s favorite second SIM or mobile line. However, their distribution of SIM was halted. And my uMobile SIM became dormant, because well, I didn’t have that many uMobile contacts to bother buying a phone for that SIM.

Today, Red Mobile’s representative told me that they will be transitioning from uMobile to Red Mobile (using Smart’s facilities) from November 16 – 21, 2008, and some of their services will be down during that time. Within the same period, they told me that they’re going to deliver my premium Red Mobile SIM.

The representative informed me to have a photocopy of my valid ID ready. He also promised new services. And as a loyal Smart subscriber, I am expecting only the best from this new product of theirs. But I’m not sure how they’re going to position this product.

Maybe (I HOPE) it’s going to be just like Sun Cellular, only with better services. Low cost, unlimited SMS and calls at low prices, but with stronger, better, and more consistent network signal with less downtimes and less congestion.

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