LAN Party Xtreme 2008

Another component of the Davao Cyber Expo 2008 this year is the LAN Party Xtreme, also organized by DC Warez. 27 participants, some coming from as far as Iligan and Marawi hauled their souped up, ultra pimped hardware to the NCCC Mall of Davao.Some of the stuff there cost PhP100,000 – P300,000. EXTREME INDEED!

The LAN Party-goers also enjoyed some games such as the speed contest, and they got to compare notes with other hardware enthusiasts and even suppliers and industry people.

I’m not much of a techie (NOT QUITE, right?) but I was amazed at the sleek monitors, keyboards, ultra fast mice, giant mousepads, and pimped CPUs.

Til the next LAN Party. 😉

Photos taken using the N95.

One thought on “LAN Party Xtreme 2008

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