HP Offers Lifetime Warranty 2.0

On August 22, 2013, HP announced an offering that is the first of its kind in the industry. HP will now provide networking customers 24/7 support for three years. And that’s at no additional cost for remote support anytime, anywhere.


HP already has a lifetime warranty industry leadership. The new HP Lifetime Warranty 2.0 adds round-the-clock phone support for HP FlexCampus, HP FlexBranch, and other small business products for up to three years. All these benefits are included in the purchase price of the covered products.

Rob Enderle, principal analyst of the Enderle Group shares “Networks today require around-the-clock support to prevent outages or downtime. Business continuity is essential, and with Lifetime Warranty 2.0, HP is the first to add 24/7 phone support to its existing next-day hardware replacement agreement. HP is leading the industry with new enhancements for customers that are looking to contain costs and assure network uptime.”

Also included in the HP Lifetime Warranty 2.0 package is next-business-day hardware replacement for fans and power supplies and technical support and free software downloads for the life of the product.

HP also offers a comprehensive portfolio of additional services for customers. This includes:

  • HP Proactive Care prevents downtime and addresses problems before they arise.
  • HP design, validate and deploy services give customers access to networking experts, enabling them to define the right solution and get it up and running quickly.

According to Ryan Guadalquiver, managing director and general manager of HP Enterprise Group, HP Philippines, “Organizations are spending millions on support to keep their network operating.”

HP Lifetime Warranty 2.0 is available worldwide for HP FlexCampus, HP FlexBranch, and small business products at no additional cost. This includes up to three years of 24/7 phone support.

Assisted Living Software

Right Click Software
Right Click Software

It is not easy feat to care for the loved ones of others. Our senior citizens who have already contributed so much to lives of others definitely deserve the utmost respect and the best attention and care.

As provider of professional senior living software, Right Click aspired to create, develop, and operate an assisted living software that would be serve the interests of both assisted living facilities and its clients. The aim is to make the administrative functions of the business more efficient so the facility could focus more on providing excellent assisted living services to its beloved residents.

Right Click believes that administrative functions should take less time without sacrificing the orderliness and efficacy of the services. Right Click began the development process by asking themselves what can be done to make existing senior living software better and more efficient.

The Right Click Software reflects the core principles of effective senior living assistance. These include flexibility, accountability, efficiency, security, and the sharing of information. Right Click gives the users the needed actionable information to enhance the quality of resident care and services. This is accomplished while increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and improving the bottom line. Each user inputs information only once giving the user the opportunity to use his time for other functions. Moreover, the actionable information in the software allows users to be proactive, not reactive leading to better services and senior care.

This allows for better assisted living marketing. It can give the user leads, and all other information for marketing efforts, occupancy, and service plans.

Since all information are fully integrated in one user-friendly interface, it gives the management access to a real time management information system.

The mission of Right Click is “to provide integrated Assisted Living software that is affordable and easy to use so that you can focus on giving quality services to your residents and employees while saving time and money.”

The software includes modules for:

  • Marketing
  • Clinical Services
  • Moving In and Moving Out Information
  • Billing
  • Operations
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Accounting
  • Payables
  • OMT
  • Incidents
  • Human Resources Management
  • Budgeting.

These are all in one software, everything you need and more to efficiently run an assisted living facility for senior care. Plus, centralized and comprehensive information makes assisted living marketing easier to do.

Better administration will definitely lead to better services.

Simple Solution: Opening an Open Office File

Had a problem today. Had to open an Open Office document, but apparently, I already un-installed Open Office. My simple solution:

  1. Email the document to myself through my Gmail account.
  2. Open it as a Google document.
  3. Copy and paste to a new MS Word document or a notepad file.
  4. Save.


Got an easier solution? Share it. 😀

Google Chrome Challenge FAIL

No, no, no… Google Chrome is not an epic fail. But I am. While, I tried very hard to be faithful in using ONLY Google Chrome for seven straight days, I FAILED! I failed for some reasons:

  • because the shop I frequent only has Internet Explorer;
  • because Multiply’s Java Uploader is not working on Google Chrome; and
  • because old WordPress versions (I think pre-2.6) are not compatible with Chrome.

Nonetheless, I am standing by Chrome and will be using it as my default browser. Here’s why:

Seven-Day Google Chrome Challenge

I am currently using Google Chrome, the latest product of Google. It is an open source web browser by Google.

From today until September 19, 2008, I will only be using Google Chrome in lieu of Firefox 3 which I am used to. So far, there aren’t any major differences that I have noticed, except for the “Most Visited Sites” page that is displayed everytime I open a new tab.

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Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is the blogging software that I use for both my free blogs hosted on WordPress.com, and several self-hosted blogs that I own and maintain including this TechnoMaria blog.

Last September 2, 2008, I spoke at the Philippine Youth Congress for IT (Y4IT) 2008 about WordPress. Noting that my audience would be mostly college students who are non-bloggers, and have probably never heard of WordPress, I took the introduction route and decided to take the Introduction route so the students would not be intimidated by WordPress.

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Animoto: Creating Slideshows for You

You want to make an exciting slideshow of photos you want to embed on Friendster, Multiply, or your blog but don’t know how to?

Head to Animoto, sign up for an account and it simplifies slideshow making for you. You just upload your photos, upload your music (or choose from their audio library), and they make the slideshow, and the do the rendering for you. NEAT, HUH?

Here’s my first Animoto slideshow…

It’s not as I want it to be, but the process of making it was fuss-free.

So I chose my photos carefully the next time I tried it out…

Wooo… a better video! 🙂


Thanks to Jeric for the tip!
Photos by Me, Kuya Andrew, and Ms. Jojie Alcantara.