HP Offers Lifetime Warranty 2.0

by Maria, August 23, 2013 Hardware, Sotfware 0

On August 22, 2013, HP announced an offering that is the first of its kind in the industry. HP will now provide networking customers 24/7 support for three years. And that’s at no additional cost for remote support anytime, anywhere. HP already has a lifetime warranty industry leadership. The new HP Lifetime Warranty 2.0 adds… Read More »

Right Click Software

Assisted Living Software

by Maria, December 25, 2012 Sotfware 0

It is not easy feat to care for the loved ones of others. Our senior citizens who have already contributed so much to lives of others definitely deserve the utmost respect and the best attention and care. As provider of professional senior living software, Right Click aspired to create, develop, and operate an assisted living… Read More »

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Plants vs Zombies on the XBox 360

by Maria, September 7, 2010 Gaming, Sotfware 0

Aaand the madness hasn’t stopped. Plants vs Zombies, PopCap Games’ biggest hit yet, is invading more screens and brains.

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Jacky Chan for Kaspersky 2010

by Maria, July 30, 2009 Sotfware 0

Lookie… Jacky Chan is Kaspersky‘s newest endorser…

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Daily Top Ten Plug-In

by Maria, January 19, 2009 SEO, Sotfware, WordPress 0

Here’s a little something for you WordPress users: the Daily Top Ten Posts Plug-In. This plug-in won as the Best Plug-In or Extension in the Philippine Blog Awards 2008.

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Simple Solution: Opening an Open Office File

by Maria, September 29, 2008 Google Apps, Sotfware 1

Had a problem today. Had to open an Open Office document, but apparently, I already un-installed Open Office. My simple solution: Email the document to myself through my Gmail account. Open it as a Google document. Copy and paste to a new MS Word document or a notepad file. Save. THAT EASY! Got an easier… Read More »

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Google Chrome Challenge FAIL

by Maria, September 24, 2008 Sotfware 2

No, no, no… Google Chrome is not an epic fail. But I am. While, I tried very hard to be faithful in using ONLY Google Chrome for seven straight days, I FAILED! I failed for some reasons: because the shop I frequent only has Internet Explorer; because Multiply’s Java Uploader is not working on Google… Read More »

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Seven-Day Google Chrome Challenge

by Maria, September 12, 2008 Sotfware 0

I am currently using Google Chrome, the latest product of Google. It is an open source web browser by Google. From today until September 19, 2008, I will only be using Google Chrome in lieu of Firefox 3 which I am used to. So far, there aren’t any major differences that I have noticed, except… Read More »

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Introduction to WordPress

by Maria, September 11, 2008 Sotfware 3

WordPress is the blogging software that I use for both my free blogs hosted on WordPress.com, and several self-hosted blogs that I own and maintain including this TechnoMaria blog. Last September 2, 2008, I spoke at the Philippine Youth Congress for IT (Y4IT) 2008 about WordPress. Noting that my audience would be mostly college students… Read More »

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Animoto: Creating Slideshows for You

by Maria, May 20, 2008 Sotfware, Vlogging 2

You want to make an exciting slideshow of photos you want to embed on Friendster, Multiply, or your blog but don’t know how to? Head to Animoto, sign up for an account and it simplifies slideshow making for you. You just upload your photos, upload your music (or choose from their audio library), and they… Read More »