Cybersecurity Tips for Parents

Nowadays, keeping your children off gadgets and the internet is not an effective strategy. Kids and teens need their own gadgets and access to internet for their schoolwork. So it is extra important that the entire family are extra careful. Here are some Cybersecurity Tips for Parents.

Basic Cybersecurity Tips for Parents

Here are the three most important Cybersecurity Tips that Parents must keep in mind:

  • Learn and educate.
  • Converse.
  • Monitor.

Easy and generic. Basically, these are parenting tips that every parent would know and practice by now. The good news is these also apply and are effective for keeping your kids safe online.

Learn and Educate

First, parents themselves must know about cybersecurity threats and the basics of keeping your own self safe online.

Basic Cybersecurity Tips for Parents Keep your kids safe

Remember these basic tips I shared before?

  • Keep your software updated.
  • Connect safely.
  • Think before you click.

Always keep this in mind and make sure to educate your children about these, as well. Read more about these basic cybersecurity tips and make sure to research every now and then.

Next, you must also always stay informed of the current trends and topics that your children might be exposed too. You might be surprised at the amount and kind of information that your children are exposed to daily. From slang and curse words to complex topics such as violence and crime, being informed will help you keep your children safe.

Emphasize the need for safety, keep their information private and secret, and being selective about their online interactions.


Make sure your children are aware of why they must always be safe and cautious. Moreover, your children must understand that threats are real and one wrong click or a casual chat with a seemingly harmless stranger could put them and the family in danger. Inform them about what phishing is and the basic anti-phishing tips.

Teach them the realities of catfishing and online pranks and how it could be dangerous. Converse with them about important topics they might encounter online.

Make sure to explain and communicate with your children well. Do not scare them or make them feel untrustworthy. But make them understand that they could be victimized by adults online.

Let them know you trust them enough so they would be comfortable conversing with you in case they encounter anything suspicious online.


Trusting your kids and educating them about being safe online is, unfortunately, not enough. The third, and most practical basic cybersecurity tip for parents is monitoring your children’s online activities.

If you have children below 18, it is still best if you have access to their gadgets. Install software that has parental locks. Monitor their access to streaming and entertainment sites. And they only use apps and social media sites that are appropriate for their age.

Again, monitor not just your own kids’ activities. But also make sure to monitor and keep abreast trending topics, online threats, and other such things. So you can keep yourself and your children safe.

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