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Globe Telecom Offers Customer Service in Visayan

Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom

Globe Telecommunications is proud to be the first telecommunications company in the Philippines to offer customer service assistance in Visayan. Globe’s customer hotline service is now trilingual with the launch of the Visayan interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Visayan-speaking Globe subscribers can call 730-1000 from any landline or 211 from any Globe or TM mobile number. Visayan customers can simply follow the voice prompts to direct them to a Visayan-speaking customer service representative.

In an effort to make customer service assistance more accessible, Globe has also set up more customer service channels. Customer service assistance may be reached via the following:

  • 730-1000, toll-free via Globe Landline
  • 211, toll-free via Globe/TM mobile
  • Facebook at
  • Twitter at
  • Talk2Globe e-mail account at
  • Yahoo! Messenger via YM user: Talk2GLOBECHAT
  • SMS by texting HELP to 1234 for free

Whether you want your customer service assistance in English, Filipino, or Visayan, Globe has it for you. And in various channels, as well. So you’re sure to enjoy your Globe, anytime, anywhere… in any languange.

One thought on “Globe Telecom Offers Customer Service in Visayan

  1. my globe landline number is 0323281296 here in mandaue city cebu,when you dial it the phone will ring and we can not be heard by the other end.may I know the status of my landline,why is it like that.Thank you so much for the attention you have given to my concern.

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