Handy Shopping Through Amazon

Amazon the site, not the jungle, is now handy through your Android phone. Thee Amazon Android App is basically a version of their website that has some extra features.

It allows you to browse through more than 40 categories from Amazon.com and other merchants. You may also access your account, your cart, your wishlist, payment and shipping settings, and your order history.

The Amazon home screen shows a search field, featured products, and a log in link. You can save items or delete them in the cart tab. And it has a reminder feature which allows you to take a photo of a product or its barcode and save it to your Amazon account. So you can schedule your buys.

The app doesn’t allow you to create an account though. So, it’s good for those with existing Amazon accounts.

Shop for your favorite books and amore via your Android phone with this handy Amazon Android App.

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