My üMobile

After weeks of hearing about the Manila launching, and after missing the Cebu launch, my üMobile SIM is now here. YEY! I was invited to the Cebu launch but uhmmm… couldn’t afford the fare, LOL! So I thought I wouldn’t get a SIM anymore.

But last week, I got a call from üMobile’s courier asking me when and where they could deliver my SIM. I got couple of confirmation SMS and calls yesterday, asking if I would be able to receive my SIM today. They reminded me to prepare a photocopy of my valid ID.

A few minutes before 3 pm today, they delivered my SIM. YEY!

And contrary to prior reports, the SIM works on a non-3G phone. I have tried sending an SMS to both Smart and Globe. Smart received the message right away. Globe… uhmmm, it has been more than 10 minutes, and it hasn’t received my SMS yet. But I’m not yet counting it as a üMobile problem since I just received a Globe to Globe SMS, 1 hour late. LOL!

I’m thinking of maybe junking my SUN SIM for my üMobile since 4 phones would be too much already. (YUP, I have 3 now. :P)

PS ü = Alt+129 Reference Link

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  1. buti ka pa may üMobile sim ka na… was interested pero was not able to go to any of the launches… was busy with the downed dsl sites… ;(

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