About Maria

Maria Ria Abella Jose

Maria “Ria” A. Jose is a professional blogger, speechwriter, marketing consultant, and IT workhorse with little IT knowledge. In fact, she is not much of a techie, but she knows enough to survive.

Ria works using her Neo Laptop which has a 512 MB DDR1 RAM only. She owns a point and shoot camera, a Canon IXUS 70, and is currently in possession of a Nokia 95 8GB.

She is a fan of Microsoft Office, and knows more than the average person when it comes to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. She also dabbles in vlogging and video editing using Windows Movie Maker and ULead Video Studio. Of course she can also do some minor image editing using Photoshop, and some audio editing via Audacity.

She blogs using free WordPress and Blogspot, and via her own self-hosted blogs. Her current favorite websites are Plurk, YouTube, and Facebook. Yup, she’s a Social Networking whore. She spends more than 8 hours a day in front of the computer doing work, researching, blogging, or gaming.

In this blog, she will share tips, tricks, and basic tech information that are easy to understand and follow. This blog is for all the non-techies who need techie information. 😀

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