PLDT myDSL Wi-Fi Modem

PLDT myDSL’s Wi-Fi Modem

PLDT myDSL Wi-Fi Modem
PLDT myDSL Wi-Fi Modem

The buzzing sound of the dial tone and the dialer were commonplace in households about a decade ago. It signaled that the household is getting connected to the worldwide web. Then, there was DSL that kept households connected to the web. Now, PLDT myDSL is giving you a faster, more convenient way to connect to the wbe, the Wi-Fi Modem.

Up-to-date news, information, and entertainment is within your reach inside your own home. And not just for one person or unit at a time. Multiple units can access the internet all at the same time, without the hassle of having a separate WiFi router.

This October, PLDT myDSL is launching its own Wi-Fi Modem. PLDT myDSL subscribers can enjoy high speed connections without the cable. One sleek gadget, the WiFi-Modem is all it takes to connect your entire household to the worldwide web.

The PLDT myDSL Wi-Fi Modem is a plug and play device with a range of up to 25 meters. It has a 4 port hub and comes in an ultra sleek black design.

The Wi-Fi Modem is available with PLDT myDSL bundled plans 990 and 1299 for PhP2,200. Subscribers of myDSL Plans 999, 1995, and 3000 can avail of a modem that can accommodate up to four wired and multiple wireless connections for only PhP1,000. Now everyone at home can get connected via different devices simultaneously. And you get to save around PhP1,500 since you don’t have to buy a separate router anymore.

2 thoughts on “PLDT myDSL’s Wi-Fi Modem

  1. I have been trying to get my dsl connected for the last 3 days, this is an 5MBps account, when they first installed it, I got 5MBps continuously for around 4 hours, then you reduced it to 0.5 for the last two days, as for the Wifi, this is laughable, it cant even go beyound 5ft, this is rediculous and useless as a wifi modem, the quipment you provide is not good enough for even a half decent experience, how you get away with providing such poor service is beyound me, yes I am not a fillipinoe, and we get triple the speed in the UK for the same price you give here.

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