Nokia C3

Nokia Revolutionizes with the C3 and the N8

Nokia C3
Nokia C3

Since the popularity of SMS hit the Philippine shores, and even during the advent of MMS, internet capable phones, and now with a coterie of smartphones around, Nokia has remained the industry leader. With the rising popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Nokia remains at the top of the game with a wide selection of handsets. Whether it’s a basic and affordable internet-capable phone that you need or a high end smartphone that you want, Nokia has the best units for you.

There used to be a time when checking email while on the go and updating social networking sites was only for the techies and gagdet geeks. Not anymore. Everybody is on the web and into social networking sites. And it’s not just for when people are bored or in front of the computer. It has become ingrained in our daily lives and lifestyle that most Filipinos consider it a necessity to go online and be updated for work and socialization purposes.

Nokia recognizes this and has sustained the lead in providing affordable mobile phones to keep up with this need. In 2010, Nokia solidified their market with the introduction of affordable Internet-capable handsets that showcase Nokia’s equity of reliability and user-friendliness.

One prime example of this is the Nokia C3. With the C3, more Filipinos
are able to connect to WiFi and are updated with their email accounts, social networking sites, and other online productivity and entertainment sources. More Filipino users have also become at ease with the C3’s QWERTY keyboard which has made sending SMS even easier.

With a partnership with the largest network provider, Smart Communication, Nokia is able to provide Filipinos with easy and affordable messaging via Nokia Messaging. With an affordable handset and an affordable messaging service, every Filipino can now keep in touch with their family, friends, and work contacts.

Even with the introduction of affordable handsets, Nokia also remains at the top of the game in the high-end market. A lot of gadget geeks and Nokia users (including yours truly) were excited with the launch of the Nokia N8.

Nokia N8
Nokia N8

The N8 has been dubbed as the world’s best entertainment smartphone. Its photography and video features include

  • a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics,
  • a large 1/1.83″ optical format image sensor,
  • fullscreen 16:9 viewfinder with easy-to-use touch screen parameters,
  • Xenon flash with automatic red-eye removal,
  • HD quality 720p resolution,
  • capability to shoot 16:9 videos in HD with 3x digital zoom, and
  • Video capture in 720p 25 fps with codecs H.264, MPEG-4.

The N8 has a 3.5 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen with a with an orientation sensor, a compass, a proximity sensor, and an ambient light detector.

With the N8, you can browse the full web pages with touch control. It supports HTML, HTML, XHTML MP, WML, and CSS; and HTTP v1.1 and WAP. It also supports Visual history, HTML and JavaScript.

It has an easy to use email client, a GPS, a Nokia OVI Player, and a Stereo FM Radio. The N8 also boasts of a Bluetooth 3.0, an HDMI port, and a high speed USB port.

It runs on Symbian 3 for Nokia. N8 is the ultimate entertainment and productivity smartphone for those who want and need an all in one gadget for work and play.

With the C3 and the N8, Nokia has certainly cemented its role in revolutionizing the way Filipinos communicate. With Nokia, a handyphone is no longer just for calls or SMS.

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