Need A Light?

Ever wondered what that flashlight in your mobile phone is for? My blogger friends and I have discovered a new and very useful way of using it that will surely help a lot of bloggers. Aside from helping you find your way in a dark cinema, that flashlight can be used as lighting when taking macro photographs.

My friends and I use the flashlight as additional lighting when the lighting is bad in a restaurant or store and we have to shoot food or products. Last weekend, we had a nice (and yummy) al fresco dinner at Mamu’s Restobar here in Davao City. Since there was barely enough lighting under the stars… we used the built-in flashlights in our respective phones (mine is a Nokia 1200) to make our shots clearer. Here are the rest of the shots I took using my Canon Ixus 70 in Digital Macro Mode:

So next time you need better lighting for those crucial digital macro shots for your blog (or other publishing or vanity) purposes, remember there might be that nifty built-in flashlight function is your mobile phone. 😉

Food courtesy of Mamu’s Restobar located along Bacaca Road in Davao City, a host of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2009.

One thought on “Need A Light?

  1. i saw that technique while we were at mamu’s! i’ve been having trouble taking pictures without the flash, kasi madilim naman. but your technique is good, now that i’ve seen the pictures. thanks for the tip!

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