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#TodayIWill Start Using Globe’s Services Again

Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom

Fresh from a Bloggers Christmas Party by Globe Telecom, I have decided to revive an old phone and starting using Globe Telecom’s services again. I’m on Globe Prepaid now but I’m planning to get a Globe My Super Unli Plan P499 soon.

A lot of my friends have been bugging me to get a Globe link, prepaid or postpaid so they can bug me as much as they can since most of them are using Globe’s Unli services. Let me tell you now my friends that I don’t like talking on the phone too much so don’t expect me to abuse this service, k?

I do look forward to connecting with my Globe subscriber friends more. And yes, I will bug them when I have to. Because I can.

I’m currently on Globe’s SuperUnli Call and Text and I like that I don’t have to worry about going overboard with my postpaid line’s bill (on another network) or going out of load (in yet another network).

If you’re wondering what convinced me to get a Globe line? Aside from my pesky friends (whom I all love, CHAR!), here’s the new Globe Prepaid ad which urges Filipinos to go for it… GO LANG NG GO! (Or as I say… GO FOR THE GOLD!)

Cute a right? How about you… what will you do today? 🙂

Enjoy unlimited texting AND calling to any Globe/TM number for only P150/7 days or P25/day. For more info, text SUPERINFO to 8888 for free.

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